The 2 piece

Everytime I hear the words 2 piece I think of the outfits my mother and her sisters wore when I was young. Everything they wore had a 2 piece coupled with stockings and kitten heels! It was most definitely beautiful in that era but for us, hmmmm.  Sometimes, I see fashion items on the internet that resemble a 2 piece but in a cool and trendy way. It is most definitely stunning in most cases, but I am personally still trying to make peace with the idea of a 2 piece.

I have numerous clients; all with different tastes and wants.  This is one of the most fun parts of my work. On Monday, I may start a matric farewell dress with lace and satin and on Friday I could be making a black pencil skirt and shirt. I am challenged with being versatile and open minded everyday. My favourite clients are the ones who don’t like what I like, but allow me space to show them what I am capable of. These clients, come in the form of people whose taste sometimes mimics my mother’s 2 piece era.

I made a 2 piece and I liked it

I had such an opportunity 2 weeks ago, with a long standing client. She was attending an event and needed something classy, comfortable and stunning. So the journey to finding something fitting but functional started. By functional, I always mean something she can wear more than once and with other items in her wardrobe. I knew I was making a 2 piece because it had to be a top and some type of bottom. And it definitely had to match in some or other way.

The result is the image of the 2 piece below

A 2 piece by Roka Roko

I found the floral print first then she chose the shade. We decided on the skirt because she wanted to show off her legs, in the form of a slit! The colour of the skirt had to compliment the top 100% but be stretchy and strong. The client is the kind of lady who doesn’t like cerise pink; I’d say her dream was subtle elegance. Making this outfit was so much fun and it was effortless for me. Absolutely cherished each moment including her appreciation of the outfit. Making a 2 piece in 2018 was quite magnificent.

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